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[YSB] My Personal Local Multiplayer / Party Games List

I have a pretty extensive Steam library and thought I would share my favorite party games when I've got friends over.
It's almost 4am, my birthday is a few days away, and I can't sleep so I thought I'd write a post about local multiplayer party games, and 4+ player games (mostly local multplayer, some are online multiplayer too).
My full game list is here: I will also take review requests and add them to the list if you have any questions.
Edit: These are my personal opinions on the games in as few words as possible. Don't take offense. Will add links to Steam pages later on. Edit2: Added suggestions. Made more categories!
Party Games
Game Rating Avg Session Explanation
Jackbox Party Pack 1/2 9/10 30 min - 1hr Really fun for everyone (as long as there is a browser window or mobile device available, for up to 8 players locally) My favorite games in these bundles are Fibbage, Quiplash, Drawful, and Bidiots.
Monaco 9/10 45 min - 1hr Great co-op heist game where you can unlock additional characters with unique playstyles. You will spend more time finding creative ways to complete the heist with your character's abilities and assisting your downed teammates than trying to go for perfect runs the first few playthroughs. Once each player finds their playstyle, you can start meshing these abilities together for extremely satisfying results... sometimes!
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 8/10 20-40 min This game can really build teamwork between the defuser and the most vocal person in your group of friends. Hilarious, engaging, and challenging, KTNE is very different from traditional video games, I almost consider this a tabletop game.
100% Orange Juice 7/10 45 min - 1hr Basically a card flipping party game similar to Mario Party except the theme is anime based and this may be a turn off to some people. I enjoyed it but it is hard to get everyone to play along sometimes.

Co-op Games
Game Rating Avg Session Explanation
Helldivers 8/10 45 min - 1 hr I really wish my friends wanted to play this one more because of how epic the game feels. Twin-stick shooter vs aliens and cyborgs that begs for a controller where team-killing is as common as an occurrence as shouting "DID YOU SEE THAT?" or "REVIVE ME I'M DOWN". Actually has alot of customization features and loadout options once you get to unlocking content.
Rocket League 7/10 30-45 min Vehicle customization, splitscreen. Can be lots of fun around the right people. Very high skill cap so might better playing 2v2 after you set teams. 4v4 Chaos mode online multiplayer may be a challenge if others are new to the game.
Crawl 6/10 45min - 1hr Very unique, almost boardgame like. Side scrolling dungeon crawling roguelike where one player goes room to room and must clear all enemies and collect loot to upgrade their gear. The only difference is other players ghosts can possess the traps and enemies in the room to make your life hell. Eventually whoever gets the killing blow becomes the adventurer! Worth 2-3 rounds or until everyone gets to be the adventurer at least once. Being able to evolve your bad guy and the boss encounters are alot of fun!
FORCED 6/10 30 - 45min Great local-coop game, almost like a 3D fantasy version of Monaco where you pick a class and grind through dungeons. Each character is based on a fantasy archetype: archer, healer, assassin, warrior each with different strengths and binary skill tree options that can synergize to more easily defeat the various bosses and overcome puzzles.
Mount Your Friends 6/10 20-30 min Play this if you dare, awkward control scheme make for awkward moments when you are stumbling over the bodies of your half naked compatriots to the top of the human pyramid.
GAUNTLET 5/10 30 min I really wanted to enjoy this game as I spent many quarters on the original in the arcade but this version is just as shallow if not more than the original arcade coin-coop. You pick a class and grind through four stages of generic enemies on one tileset until you get to the next one. Sometimes there is a puzzle, unkillable ghost that one shots you, or hidden room nearby to break the monotony but I honestly feel it doesn't make the game that much better.

Battle Arena Games
Game Rating Avg Session Explanation
Duck Game 8/10 30-45 min Depending how many points you set to win, tournaments can drag on with very close games between the better platformer players. Custom matches may be more fun than the default settings after everyone gets a hang of the 1-hit-kill aspects, map layout, and weapon abilities. Easier to pick up than Towerfall Ascension.
Gang Beasts 8/10 30-45 min Physics based 3D fighting game with an advanced control scheme that you may have never experienced before veiled under a minimalist aesthetic. All you have to do is throw the other players out of bounds, sounds simple right?
Stikbold 7/10 30-45 min One of my favorite arena games with 2v2 and versus CPU options. Basically dodgeball where the only controls are dive and push/throw. The dynamic maps and KO'd opponent abilities can really tilt the game for the surviving players either way. Really lots of fun.
Towerfall Ascension 7/10 30-45 min A more advanced arena versus game that can be difficult for players inexperienced with platforming titles. The game's lack of humor is made up for with its intricate level design and screen wrapping dynamics. Harder than Duck Game.
Nidhogg 7/10 20 - 30 min This one doesn't get enough playtime simply because its a 2 player only game, even though its very entertaining to see how people pull off their victory (sprint to the end dodging everything, or a skilled duel to the death ending with a poorly thrown rapier toss)
Lethal League 6/10 20 - 30 min One-hit-KO arena game where the goal is to be the last man standing while dodging a ball whose speed increases with every strike. Different characters have different jump speeds, counters, supers, and animations; some kind of OP (knocking the ball through the other side of the screen, eating the ball then spitting it out wherever you want).
Screen Cheat 6/10 20 - 30 min Really basic first person shooter with a simple premise that forces you to play with your friends on the same TV... except you can't see your enemies on your own screen so you have to peek to find out where they are before you waste your ammo. Novelty of this game wears thin after the first 5 rounds, also some friends may not be great at shooter games using gamepads.
STARWHAL 5.5/10 20 min Wacky little 2D battle arena game. Worth playing a few rounds with inexperienced gamers, but you likely won't play it for too long as its lacking a little in terms of strategy or mechanics.
Assault Android Cactus 5/10 20 min I thought this would be a lot more fun than it was due to the reviews but it is basically a 'create your own bullet hell' game. If you are playing a full house, you will notice some characters are way more useful than others and half the bullets flying across the screen are indistinguishable from the enemy bullets.

Platformer Games
Game Rating Avg Session Explanation
Ultimate Chicken Horse 9/10 45 min - 1 hr Hilarious party game! Lots of unlockables (maps, costumes, characters) every round is never the same experience. You build the obstacle course with your friends then try to complete it before they do earning points for being first and tripping up other players.
SpeedRunners 8/10 20-30 min Pick a character that best identifies with you and RUN! Trigger blockades, drop traps, and run so fast you knock your friends off the screen and win. Head to the workshop and download one of the bottomless "Swing" maps that force you to use the grappling hook to mix things up.
Castle Crashers 7/10 1.5 - 2 hrs If you like 2D side-scrolling beat-em-ups this may be perfect for you. It doesn't take more than a few hours to complete the campaign but the trip is an entertaining ride from start to finish.
Broforce 6/10 30 - 45 min Outrageous run-and-gun platformer for those hungry for something that plays a bit like classic Contra where your character instead looks like one of your favorite actions heroes in his prime. Only lower on the list because once you beat the whole campaign there isn't a whole lot to do afterward in terms of replayability.
Battle Block Theatre 6/10 30-45 min If you like the aesthetic of Castle Crashers and want something more, try this! It is basically the PC version of Super Mario Maker. Collect stars to unlock collectibles and get from point A to B completing the maps as fast as you can.

Fighting Games
Game Rating Avg Session Explanation
Street Fighter 7/10 45 min What's not to love about a classic fighting game where the special movies are universally recognized.
Mortal Kombat X 6/10 30-45 min A bit more sophisticated komboing but still fun for everyone, especially that friend who loves to comment on the creative dearth of brutalities and fatalities added to this huge roster.
Naruto Shippuden 3/4 5/10 20-30 min Really simple gameplay, friendly to button mashers. Lots of different team comps allow different special attacks that make this 3D fighter game appeal not only to fans of the anime.
Dead or Alive (any) 5/10 20-30 min Jiggle physics, flashy special movies, and friendly to button mashers. Guys and girls like to play this one for some reason.

That's all for now, its almost 5 AM. I really love local co-op and multiplayer games so if you have any suggestions I will download, play, and update this thread. If you have any suggestions on format or columns I could add, let me know.
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